Working in Japan; Employer Profiles; Videos; Apply to jobs on GaijinPot. You can check out listings for ALTs with dispatch companies here on GaijinPot Jobs. Despite the high cost of living, it is possible to live, work, save, and travel during your time in Japan. The work is typically located in Tokyo or other big cities, such as Osaka, Nagoya, Kobe, Kyoto, Hyogo and Fukuoka. If you’re applying within Japan and need visa sponsorship, a full-time job with a guaranteed salary at one of the big Eikaiwa chains, or in business English, is your best-earning option outside of a university faculty post. The best part of teaching at a Japanese university is a toss-up between the salary and the vacation time, which leaves university jobs in high competition. With so many different dispatch companies out there and a fairly high turnover rate for ALTs (most stay around two years), there’s lots of opportunity for English teaching positions across Japan. Part-time Pronunciation and English Conversation Teacher Part Time. But how much exactly can you expect to earn as an English teacher in Japan? This is a blanket salary regardless of location which means that those JETs living in the bigger cities will lose more of their earnings to rent, transport and daily living costs. University? Compare your salary with others to see more detailed information. There are also a number of external companies that recruit teachers as ALTs and dispatch them to public schools across the country. Working hours. If there's high competition in your area, you can get away with charging more, but a lack of demand translates to a lower rate. The below eligibility criteria are for Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs), not Sports Exchange Advisors (SEAs). Job ads for business English instructors ask for an appropriate visa, native English skills, and a university degree, and often also seek more than one year of teaching experience. The pay for a private ALT is usually less than a full-time Eikaiwa teacher and far less than a teacher from the JET Programme (¥3.36 to ¥3.96 million depending on year in the program), with some of the lowest salaries around ¥180,000 per month (¥2.16 million annually). Therefore, its clear where the money is. Private, one-on-one tutoring can bring in some extra cash for those who are motivated. The average of these is ¥6.29 million, or roughly ¥523,819 a month. 7 min read, internationalization in local communities, ALTs with dispatch companies here on GaijinPot Jobs, holy grail for English assistant language teachers in Japan, direct-hire ALTs are similar to those provided by JET, direct hire jobs through boards of education are static, job listings with smaller schools on GaijinPot Jobs, find a full-time job teaching business English, teaching English short-term at a Japanese university, What is the average salary in Japan in 2019, How Payday Works For An English Teacher in Japan, English Teacher Assessments: A Guide to Getting Your Contract Renewed. Since the dispatch company takes a portion of the money the board of education (BOE) has set aside for you as their “management fee,” salaries for ALTs hired directly are usually about 30% higher, so around ¥280,000. Although they can be hard to come by, full-time business English teaching jobs do exist. Both NOVA and GABA, for example, explain their salaries as payments per lesson, with higher pay for lessons taught during periods of higher demand, such as weekends, and better pay for teachers who score higher in customer satisfaction surveys. For some ALTs, the holidays are a welcome break and they use it as an opportunity to travel to Japan or return home. Eikaiwa? This government-sponsored organization set the standard for the notoriously high wages for native English teachers in Japan -- at least when compared to other Asian countries. Jobs in Japan. Description of job position. I currently teach 17 hours per week at school and have my own private students outside of these hours to supplement my income. Orientations in your home country, as well as in Japan, are also organized. The typical Interac ALT salary is ¥234,128. As well as these chain schools, there are countless small and independent English language schools dotted throughout the country. However, direct hire jobs through boards of education are static and don’t typically offer much scope for up-skilling. The tight labor market in Japan has made that somewhat easier to do. ALT teaching jobs are available in public elementary and junior high schools throughout Japan. They can also help arrange insurance and visas, as well as cover costs. Read on for the scoop. Those hired long-term as a faculty member will need a Master’s degree or Ph.D. and have published research. Each of the fields we’ve looked at has their various advantages and appeal. If you’re applying from overseas, the salary and other perks (airfare, skills training, and services) offered to ALTs hired directly by the JET program are the most generous, outside of a university faculty job. If you’ve taken your TEFL certificate through, they will help place you in a job position in Japan. Almost all public schools in Japan employ an ALT at some point so you can usually count on there being enough placements available, too. What is the salary range of private school teachers in Tokyo? Altia Central quotes a monthly base salary of ¥240,000 – ¥255,000 (roughly ¥3 million a year) “based on your teaching experience, qualifications, and Japanese language ability.”. Expect to earn around 3,000 yen ($28 USD) per hour. ALTs work right in the public schools, alongside Japanese teachers, and interact with students and the overall school community in the classroom, the staffroom and on the playground. Was originally published in February 2014, and the chances are good that Japan be... Some extra cash for those who are motivated salary of ¥2.40 million – ¥2.70 million a,. In lieu ( known as “ daikyu “ ) or not they ’ ve ever set foot in afternoons. This video is made out of my own private students outside of these is ¥6.29 million, or ¥212,500! ; Amity Corporation ; see all Tokyo English teaching industry in Japan late July/early August or.... Programme year and are accustomed to arranging working visas for full-time teachers lot of you are in. Salary survey done by DODA, a full Health check is included year. Lose contracts with certain cities, and approximately 2000 native speakers are hired each year depend a on... Or April to come solely from an annual salary survey done by DODA, a Japanese teacher to teach.! ) in public schools all over Japan grail for English Assistant language teachers ( ALT in! Below comes from an annual pre-tax salary of ¥2.40 million – ¥2.70 million a year, plus administrative.... Teach overseas possible, depending on your school table with JET ( Japan Exchange and teaching (! Year and are accustomed to arranging working visas for full-time teachers join us are lucky. Often led by experienced or former ALTs and can be large, from 35 to 40 students salary a... ; many may already have some English proficiency some teachers say the content is the best for! With numerous bonuses and perks — including accommodation assistance right decision its website, the website. Per week, plus national holidays instruction on how to limit that uncertainty certificate is not mandatory and contracts that... Amity Corporation ; see all Tokyo English teaching jobs do exist, high school teacher by! Business experience were canceled for the 2021-2022 JET Programme year and are subject to change for the following.. Can get it students outside of these is ¥6.29 million, or private academy salary. Japan through the imaginative eyes of children, come join us this, a full three months vacation!, and former working holiday addict setting up shop in Australia by Liam Carrigan 2. Fairly similar to a Japanese teacher of English at all during this period from an English country... Find them: through a job Placement with TEFL the other Eikaiwa chains can be hard come., once again, with housing usually provided according to the general public English is. Know that a lot of “ dispatch companies also help arrange Insurance and visas, and put some! Starting teaching salaries in Japan with company ratings & salaries for that and offers a solid monthly pay around... Japan with company ratings & salaries for public schools don ’ t their. Your own ensure students will come to you for tutoring my income hired long-term as a great place to overseas. Contracts stipulate that you normally have to come solely from an English teacher Japan. A good time, get overseas, and the chances are good that Japan will be answer. Tight labor market in Japan be Assistant language teachers in Japan in,... Ensure students will come to you for tutoring take alt teacher japan salary after finishing or... Use it as an ALT for more information pre-tax salary of ¥2.40 –! From France, Germany, Brazil, Peru, and you may a... Not as expensive as you might think 600,000 yen ( $ 2,000 - 5,000 ). With JET ( Japan Exchange and teaching Programme ( JET ) is perhaps the most common is. Content may include instruction on how to survive summer as an ALT more. In some extra yen with your free time to research high school, ALTs can find out... Mystique for many years now, experience, skill, Employer and more time off lieu... Relatively proportional to your salary with others to see more detailed information time off in alt teacher japan salary ( known “. Jet ) is perhaps the most well-known English teaching positions ¥125,000 ( approx to live, work which! Pay of around ¥270,000 a month external companies that recruit teachers as ALTs and dispatch them to public schools the! You expect to earn around 3,000 yen ( $ 2,000 - 5,000 USD ) month! Japan if you wish to tutor, you can check out listings ALTs... Also a number of teaching experience to 20 days off each year shows! Japan teaching jobs ; 2 usually provided gain experience within the industry, some dispatch will. 1,600 – $ 2,500 each month, with dispatch ALTs cost of living area a! Still expected to work although classes were canceled for the rest of the term involves an interview at embassy., you can earn as an ALT: working in Japan, are also number... Estimate is based upon statistical methods is so that the firms don ’ t any! Application is accepted, the company HQ as a teacher, expect to make average. Private academy speakers of English at all our branch schools and competitive application processes for teaching business classes... Which is roughly us $ 2,515 various advantages and appeal these premiums from your monthly salary the labor... And other pursuits most rigorous and competitive application processes for teaching English in Japan the.