(2) The first visible page (being the first page, the cover page or the front cover page) must state: (a) the deponent's description; and (b) the date on which the affidavit was sworn. ANNEXURE Order 14, rules 2(2B) and 4 Environmental Defenders Office (NSW) Ltd Level 1, 89 York Street Sydney NSW 2000 Tel: (02) 9262 6989 Fax: (02) 9262 6998 Email: edonsw@edo.org.au IN THE FEDERAL COURT OF AUSTRALIA NEW SOUTH WALES DISTRICT REGISTRY No. Vlad v Lopez (No.2) [2017] FCCA 2032 Cover sheet and Orders: Page 1 FEDERAL CIRCUIT COURT OF AUSTRALIA VLAD v LOPEZ (No.2) [2017] FCCA 2032 Catchwords: BANKRUPTCY – Application for extension of time for review of Registrar’s decision to issue a sequestration order. Each exhibit to an affidavit must be signed on the first page of the exhibit by the person before whom the affidavit is sworn (r29.02(11). A statement of claim is a written statement that sets out … Consistent with the requirements of FRAP 30(a)(1), this Court has determined that the following items are either relevant docket entries or relevant portions of the record in appeals from district courts and the tax court and thus must be included in the appendix: (1) the district court or tax court docket sheet, including, in … BANKRUPTCY – Annulment of sequestration order. Instructions: Each party to the application for parenting orders or his/her lawyer must complete a separate annexure. This fact sheet provides some information about how to prepare the legal documents commonly required to make a claim in the Federal Court and Federal Circuit Court. How do I prepare a statement of claim? • An affidavit and annexure cover sheet confirming you are the applicant in you FCC application and including a copy of the written decision that you … Each annexure must also have a cover page with a signed statement by the authorised witness that says: This is the document referred to as Annexure A in the affidavit of Joseph Thomas Byrne, sworn at Sydney on 18 September 2011 before me Barry Butler, Solicitor. Infosheet – Completing a Federal Circuit Court Application Form’ for guidance on completing the application form. NSD 1519 of 2004 HUMANE SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL INC Applicant KYODO SENPAKU KAISHA LTD Respondent Fair Work Ombudsman v Stepping Stones Child Care Centre (NSW) Pty Ltd & Anor [2015] FCCA 429 Cover sheet and Orders: Page 1 FEDERAL CIRCUIT COURT OF AUSTRALIA FAIR WORK OMBUDSMAN v STEPPING STONES CHILD CARE CENTRE (NSW) PTY LTD & ANOR [2015] FCCA 429 Catchwords: INDUSTRIAL LAW – Agreed failure by the first respondent to comply with This annexure is to be filed in a current case when parenting orders are being sought by consent. 1. §§ 2244 (b), 2255(h) (Prisoner in Federal Custody) PDF : Motion for an Order Authorizing the District Court to Consider a … Clerk of the Circuit Court Email 2500 Washington Ave. Newport News, VA 23607 Get Directions Phone: 757-926-8561 Hours No subsequent annexure or exhibit in any later affidavit sworn by the same deponent may duplicate the number of a previous annexure or exhibit (r29.02(10)). FEDERAL COURT RULES 2011 - RULE 29.02 Form of affidavit (1) An affidavit must comply with Form 59 and be made in the first person. Affidavit Annexure Sheet - up to 10 Annexures (A-J) Affidavit Annexure Sheet - up to 10 Annexures (Initials and Number) ... (Federal Court) File Cover Sheet - Children; File Cover Sheet - Children and Property; File Cover Sheet - Divorce ... Rule 15.07 Federal Circuit Court Rules; Sample Costs Disclosure and Costs Agreement; The Honorable Angela F. Reason. This information sheet applies to Interim Hearings in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia including Affidavits for those Interim Hearings as from 1 January 2018.. Motion for an Order Authorizing the District Court to Consider a Successive or Second Motion to Vacate, Set Aside or Correct Sentence Pursuant to 28 U.S.C.