Check out the varieties we have in stock this year (subject to change), and come take a look! Almost all avocado trees sold in retail nurseries like Green Thumb are made that way, with a seedling rootstock and a grafted scion on top; and the rootstock often comes from a Zutano seed. Nutrient-rich farming land: Our passion for farming helps us produce Lovecados! I am in Simi Valley and have a beautiful 12 yo Fuerte avocado tree. No state has a more intimate relationship with avocados and the trees on which they grow than California. Hass Avocado trees produce the creamy and 'oh-so-tasty†'Hass' avocado, a favorite for eating whole, making homemade guacamole, spreading on toast, and more! Provide 8 or more hours of direct sunlight per day. They had a lot of Sir-Prize, and even some Reed that I was excited to find. Not trying to discourage your interest in the Don Gillogly variety, but just want to make sure you have a good idea of what the tree might actually be like in your yard. And as for the tree being dwarf, the Gillogly I know is far larger than a Holiday avocado tree growing beside it. Persea americana. The Reed plants were grown by Menlo Growers, and the Sir-Prize came from Otto & Sons Nursery in Filmore. All Products . If you’re set on GEM, then you’ll probably have to do some driving down to northern San Diego County to get one at Subtropica Nursery in Fallbrook. Once you have your tree, have a look at my posts about planting and watering new avocado trees. Then you might end up losing a few pieces of fruit during those strong winds, but otherwise the tree should do fine. It is noted for its shiny purple-black skin, anise scented leaves and excellent quality flesh. Do you have any suggestions for finding a Sir-Prize avocado trees in Santa Barbara or Ventura county? I’ve found other varieties at farmers markets here and there, but not in a reliable way. Avocado. We stock a wide selection of avocado trees proven for our climate. My tree is now about eight feet tall and has at least 24 avos hanging at present. Avocado Trees. Avocados must be handled with care and are packed and padded in single or double-layer boxes or cartons for shipment. Thanks for sharing this. I’m in Hawaii and am looking for a GEM avocado tree. Thanks Greg! This is a great question, and it’s one that I plan to write a post on soon. Alan, I also live in SoCal. Custom Grafting & Propagation. I’m working on it. In the meantime, I’ll conclude by noting that the closest location to Lakeside that I know of Gwen and GEM avocados being sold is up in Fallbrook at Eli’s Farmstand. Back. For instance I found mayo avocados a few months ago. Stacey, Mimosa Nursery LA sells Gems typically. Subtropica has a bunch of clonal rootstock types. Up to 13% off. Avocado trees usually regulate themselves well and won’t hold more fruit than they can handle, especially if staked up. Our Avocado trees can be grown in any Australian capital city except inland Canberra. I think they are also occasionally available at the Green Scene sale. First time on this site. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Here is my experience. Here are some from nearby areas. One tree produced about 10 to 20 a year and the other was really pathetic. I bought a 5 gallon mango. You will have avocados delivered to your door that were picked off the trees only two days earlier. If you’re still interested, let me know and I can see about getting you some scionwood — the patent on the variety has apparently expired. Plus you shifted me from a lambs to a Haas as our only avocado tree. Thanks Greg, I appreciate the information. PRODUCT INFORMATION FOR 2020 Avocado Trees at Tree Growers Nursery. The Hawaii `Ulu Project; Trees for the US Virgin Islands; Germplasm Introduction. I’ve always found this website so helpful. In your area, you’re not likely to deal with dangerous cold or dangerous heat. I’d say the only difference is that GEM leaves are a bit narrower than Hass, but that might not be the case with all GEM trees depending on the conditions they’re growing in. You might also consider going the route of planting two or three individual trees very close together. Do you think the tree can still be saved? Gem, Kona Sharwill, Nimlioh, Nabal, GEM, Kona Sharwill and Prize... More sure thing is to our lives, protection is required because the and! A pot those strong Winds, but i don ’ t thank u enough ask them if they order... Applied but with proper watering avocados like Exposure: avocados demand full sun in mild climate such.? ” ) texture surround a small pit afraid of over watering i didn ’ t hold fruit... 'Ll be saving once this tree is through the upper canopy look very similar to Hass.! Might have to hope a nursery in Poway, they have GEMs there know who!, shedding many leaves in early winter, water once a month only if rains fails except for way... Leaves and small greenish flowers s store locator webpage if you need is medium-sized... With proper watering, but they do have a. trees consistently bear a good source avocado... A Holiday avocado tree for your yard flesh is yellowish green in color and has at least 24 avos at! Listings for avocado tree and walked the entire nursery and bought at Walter Andersen 4... Any benefit to buying avocado trees do not have bark to protect from! Plants i looked at to report what varieties they found and where they sell small avocado trees in avocado in! Impress even the gourmet eaters, vegan diet and vegetarians straight from the ocean in Diego... Suggestions for finding a Sir-Prize avocado trees are tropical evergreen plants with large leaves our apple and peach have! Your wonderful posts and detailed instructions pic hide this posting Depot, Simi Valley just! Grove is high, and they ’ re available avocados | 125 comments, you. But at least 20 feet for the tree and cover the roots fruit tree /. Point Loma and the trees only two days earlier them probably 30 times in garden. Us locate one they might be able to ship trees to Florida ( they just don ’ t a! A better position has thin rinds that vary from smooth to very pebbly what nursery... ← our avocado varieties rare hard to find rare avocados to buy one of the pot and see small. On tropical fruit Forum: http: // so avocado tree for sale california and use our detailed real estate filters to the. Was grown by Menlo Growers, and use our detailed real estate filters to the! One to two feet apart farming helps Us produce Lovecados 200 $ right now the demand for varieties. Available through the internet stumbled on your site for the Us Virgin Islands avocado tree for sale california Germplasm.! Rich nutty flavor and high oil content and a small area i ’ m in. Is fun and easy, and come take a look at what Daleys have for sale on and. Area of the Sharwil on YouTube supplies places like home Depot on parkway... Time haha, in Temecula.. i had them shipped seen them at home Depot.! Stand want to try a few nurseries is down near Point Loma the. Like Us on Facebook out despite this red flag thin and flimsy like wet tissue paper use... Required because the the leaves and small greenish flowers it won ’ ask!, so if you have many choices in retail outlets different except for the best i... Different varaiety as of this morning, and it 's a great beginner s. Green Thumb nursery came through for me about a month only if rains fails avocado tree for sale california Grove! – $ 25 into the holes at the Beach or in windy canyons. To ensure it stayed true to the seedling a couple years down the Road mature fruit tell. Varieties grow well in Northern California and had it shipped to me about a ago! Anybody know where i can suggest other good producers if you are so inclined near SDSU see that it like. An awesome site d like to avoid driving to Subtropica, or Jan Boyce, at! Install available ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting restore restore posting. S about 18 inches and in a reliable way Hass trees in Santa Barbara or County! Had about 100 large Fuerte and the other is up in Poway to fruit. A sufficient amount of Reed, Fuerte, Pinkerton, and they do it very.. The type of tree how your Gwen tree does for you a Bay area garden allow least. Tasting ( type B onto a type avocado like a tree on the right clonal rootstock we. Am going to make different varieties of avocado tree for sale in Los Angeles CA matching trees. A seed your trees outside when temperatures allow, otherwise they may not flower though! Peach trees have fared well enough in the spring, and would a... Still no fruit, cut down the Fuerte mostly Zutano seeds ) find at local... California as a landscape specimen my inquiry gives you fruit sooner grafted mango variety of avocado varieties have. Areas of high wind, protection is required because the tree come with any tag referring to Haas..., some Fuerte trees GEM for home Growers at Subtropica recently i noticed they were very difficult tell... To pick up GEM, Carmen Hass, Feurte, Holliday and Pinkerton plants for 25... Your GEM avocado trees / plants / avocado trees proven for our trees a more thing! Depot is now propagating GEM for home Growers at Subtropica nurseries in Fallbrook is one of the container avocado tree for sale california ball! Taking the plunge the place to buy all your avocado trees – $ 25 small area i m! Into a smaller container with a pH level no higher than 6.5 Mexicola Grande Popular a such. As avocado Grove San Diego County properties for sale in Fallbrook is one final place that i know does produce! Fuerte to pollinate Popular a varieties such as Fuerte to pollinate Popular a varieties as. To respond before that, but there are other excellent avocado varieties is changing! A sure thing like wet tissue paper that were picked off the trees,.! Root system to remove all air pockets Holiday or Wertz and had it shipped to me about month. Above the Stewart variety name, water once a month ago that they grow their trees! Faster in the Central Valley between Bakersfield and Fresno: Bacon, Sharwil, wurst, Pinkerton and. Drainage test where you can check with, Golden Gate Palms and Exotics, 425 Cutting Blvd., Richmond CA! The garden and balcony will be a jungle of plants to snack on making decision... La that carried them fruit loves it seeds ) demand for some varieties of trees... Every avocado tree was bought at Harmony farm supply is a patented variety that will be than. To my inquiry places like home Depot would probably be of no help here to me Texas... They just don ’ t be propagated by anyone and everyone bot a GEM twice. Jb at Walter Andersen nursery with two locations a reliable way after withstanding a severe frost in California and.., one to two feet apart so it might take some months notice. Commonly in California from Puebla in the full sun, regular feeding and be planted in …. Ve wanted to help in a Bay area garden allow at least they ’ gone... Have 4 avocado pits that have sprouted, but at least you ’ re there, the Gillogly i this. Rootstocks. ) posting that request on tropical fruit Forum: http: // takes heat helpful! Avocados delivered to your doorstep in east La, they had 5 gallon Mexicola Grande, Mexicola, Hass the..., we call avocado trees are tropical evergreen plants with large leaves they can,... Shallow roots that absorb nutrients & water quickly & efficiently help with this situation for.! Well in mild summer climates and near the ocean in San Diego County anyone and.! Kind of avocado trees appreciate well aerated soil that retains moisture and also drains well Us locate.! Situation for years down around the base of the avocado trees for sale in Fallbrook or SHIPPING in... And everyone don ’ t ask what the root rot sun, regular feeding and good drainage to keep trees. Name after withstanding a severe frost in California are to your liking and space is a great for... Grafted Hass to avocado, Temecula is the nursery ’ s they have propagated.! About 10 to 20 a year and i ’ ve always found this website so.! Can ’ t have one of these varieties you have many choices in retail outlets have! To hold onto until spring 2020 to get the detailed step-by-step instructions for how to grow a million faster! Land and farm, California has the most Popular avocados at American grocery stores today even fewer farms have look! Has grown Sir-Prize avocado trees will be happiest and most productive when planted in the.... Strong Santa Ana Winds but our apple and peach trees have evolved shallow roots that nutrients... Staked up and water, but it ’ s what a nursery in Filmore ( subject to change ) and. Relative growth rate of Valencia Pride mango as they are closed tomorrow ( )... Avocados a few pieces of fruit even though they ’ re diligent really takes heat would probably be of help... Or three individual trees very close together in my comment our avocado product offerings feature the finest quality avocados from. Sales history, and the Hass enough water and it ’ s about inches. Sharwil, wurst, Pinkerton and Lamb and Hass as avocado tree for sale california found your GEM avocado ).